Waterfront Office Building

Project Location:  Petaluma, California

Project Size: 56,000 sf

Construction Type:  V-1 Hour

Occupancy Type:  B (offices)

The site sits in the historic warehouse district of Petaluma, CA, where the building vernacular is dominated by corrugated warehouses that flanked the river on the eastern edge of the site.  To preserve this urban fabric, the building is designed as two large “warehouse” structures with a connecting bridge.  The upper stories are clad in corrugated metal while the base is a cement plaster.  The river path connects along both sides of the building.

Project Team:
Client: Basin Street Properties
Architect:  Strauss Architect, Personal Role:  Project Architect
Structural Engineer:  ATM Engineering
Civil Engineer:  Brian Kangas Foulk
Landscape Architect:  SWA Group
Waterfront Office Building

Waterfront Office Building