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Designs that are meant to be touched and held.

June 10

“Bad Blood” – Animation

“Bad Blood” is a song by the industrial metal group Ministry off their album “Filth Pig”.  Inspired by the music, I create hand drawn 2D and computer generated 3D animations to create this short video. Resources: Pen and Paper, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, 3D Studio Max Advertisements

October 13

Facebook Animation

Character design and animation for a Facebook Video Promotion.

May 25

“The Nest is Best” – Animation “The Nest is Best” is a collaborative project with Green Bean Music.  Green Bean Music creates original musicals for elementary school music programs.  To help promote one of their musicals “For the Birds”, I selected the live recording of their song ”The Nest is Best”.  The musical introduces children to different types of birds […]

May 09

Thomas P. Tiger Everloving Fun Hour – Animation

I created these animated shorts and character designs for development for a pilot for a children’s Saturday morning variety TV show.  The cartoon characters were based on actual costumes developed for the series:  Thomas P. Tiger and his panda sidekick Ding-Ding.  Two bumpers were also created for the show as transition spots just prior to running […]

October 14

Why Aren’t We Innovating – Video

I consulted with Kathryn Worthington, Director of Brand Communication and Experience Planning, to create a video and a Powerpoint presentation for her presentation at the Digiday 2013 Conference in Sedona, AZ. Kathryn addressed the issue of how adaptation and sometimes the misapplication or co-opting of new technologies to brands is mistaken for innovation in the […]

October 14

“Pixel Project” – Project Video Art

“Pixel Project” is an experiment in reduction and impressionism.  A standard filter on video and graphics programs is to reduce the resolution of an image to 16-bit or 8-bit resolution.  The image is reduced to simple forms and gestures and, like impressionism, allows the mind to imagine the detail that is lost. This experiment was […]

September 08


Project:  Design and Create a new organic dishwashing tab Role:  Concept, Product Design, Graphic Design