Thermos October 14

Thermos Headquarters – Interior Design

Project Location:  Schaumburg, Illinois

Project Size:  25,000 sf

Project Type:  Interior Design

Founded in 1904, Thermos and its brand of products is known by anyone who ever brought a lunch box to school.  The headquarters were an opportunity to celebrate this brand and the history of its well crafted and designed products.  Thermos bottles, caps and lunch boxes were refashioned into installation art pieces throughout the office.  The inspiration blended backwards to the architecture as the reception desk takes cues from Thermos bottles with stainless steel accents and rubber coated faces.

Project Role: Consulting Designer/Architect.  I worked with lead designer Theresa WIlliams to conceptualize using Thermos products as art for the office.  I worked with the team to refine fabrication and installation details and review final construction and placement in the field.

Awards:   WINNER: 2012 ALA Silver Design Award

Project Team:

Client: Thermos

Architect:  Torchia Associates (now Nelson)  

Engineer:  Advanced Consulting Group International

Contractor:  Leopardo Companies

Project Role:  Co-designer/ Project Architect