October 14

“Pixel Project” – Project Video Art

“Pixel Project” is an experiment in reduction and impressionism.  A standard filter on video and graphics programs is to reduce the resolution of an image to 16-bit or 8-bit resolution.  The image is reduced to simple forms and gestures and, like impressionism, allows the mind to imagine the detail that is lost.

This experiment was to explore what would happen if the actual “pixels” the image is projected on are reduced in resolution and represented as 3-dimensional points.   The screen essentially becomes a field of low resolution spheres.

The end effect is that the video transforms, depending on the angle of the viewer to the screen.  The image can be read fully if the viewer is perpendicular to the screen.  But, as the viewer becomes more oblique, the same image changes and becomes abstract and takes on new meaning as a portion of the information is lost on the out-of-view side of the pixel.  The same video gives the viewer different experiences depending on where they stand.

Perpendicular Viewing

Oblique Viewing