October 14

Digitas – Expansion

Project Location: Chicago, Illinois

Project Type:  Interior Design

This is a second phase expansion to the Chicago offices of Digitas.  The original concept for the offices was:

“A space that embodies collaboration, experimentation and innovation as a “Warehouse of Ideas”, a factory producing creativity in a warehouse that is also distinctly Chicago. ”

Reclaimed industrial materials, shipping containers and factory windows were used in the initial build-out and vocabulary of the office.  Ceilings and floors were left exposed.  This helped to create a greater openness in a building that has low floor-to-floor clearance and kept with the “raw” aesthetic of the design.

This expansion provided for additional office, collaboration space, coffee bar and meeting rooms.  Wood palettes and air curtains were used to divide space and continue the original industrial design concept.

Follow this link for the original design: