Avalanche Snowboard Shop

Location:  Retail Mall

Size:  2000 sf

Architect:  Steven Ohlhaber

Software:  3DS Max

This is a conceptual design for a ski and snow board shop called “Avalanche”.  The experience is to transport the customer onto the ski slope and get them excited about the ski season ahead and thinking about how they should gear up for the new year.  Digital snow falls in the main window, and the store is half buried in an avalanche and half groomed run.

As you enter the shop, the latest styles and complete outfits are lined up in “ice” lockers. Like combat gear, ready to be put on an attack the slopes, you pick what kind of rider you want to be.  As you circulate to the back, the “ski rental” shop offers rental and purchase programs as well as a changing area to try on equipment.

The complete opposite side of the store is dedicated to a groomed slope gear area.  Ski lift chairs replicate the feeling on the mountain, while the refrigerated floor maintains a snow pack for trying boards and skis out in an artificial snow environment.  The side wall displays the latest in boards, as well as a mountain cam shot from select destination ski areas.

 At the front, are three stations that can function as POP registers, research areas, travel package creators, or board customization machines where you can see what putting your own graphics on a board would look like.

Ski Shop Steven Ohlhaber

Click on image for Animated Walk Thru