April 19


Row House

Location:  Portland, Oregon

Size:  3.0 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, Three Story Single Family Residence, approx. 3100 sf (including garage level)

Architect:  Steven Ohlhaber 

Software:  SketchUp

This is a prototype plan for a row house for a typical 30’x100′ lot in Portland, Oregon.  The house can be stand alone or inserted into a row house or town house style development.  The aesthetic is a simple modern shape that maximizes light and exterior views on all levels.  The roof is comprised of living gardens to reduce heat gain, provide insulation and manage rain water.  A rain water planting culvert is also integrated into the back yard.  The structure is CMU with plaster coating to simplify construction and maintenance and provide a clean, crisp look that can be painted in alternate colors or veneered with other materials, if desired.  The structure can also be reduced a full floor by removing the garage in areas where off-street or no parking is required.

Portfolio - Row House