Victorian Rehabilitation – Architecture

Project Location: San Francisco, California

Project Size:  3Br Single Family Townhouse

Project Scope:

  • Gut/ remodel of kitchen
  • Addition of half bathroom on main floor.
  • Gut remodel of second floor master bathroom.
  • Remodel of basement / storage area.
  • Painting and plaster repair in all rooms.
  • New deck and garden.
  • New exterior 5-color paint scheme.
  • Staging of home for sale.

This pre-1906 earthquake residence is part of a two unit town home with a mirrored residence on the other side of the party wall.  The original structure held much of its original detailing, but had fallen in disrepair.   The project occurred in several phases and over several years.  The intent was to maintain as much of the historic detailing of the original home and build upon it in the areas of fixed appliances and fixtures – such as the bathrooms and kitchens.  However, modern appointments and decoration would also be overlaid on this Victorian architectural palette to bring the home a modern functionality and aesthetic.

Project Team:
Architect:  Steven Ohlhaber Architect