Cradle to Cradle Competition – Architecture

Project Location: Roanoke, VA

Project Size: 2500 sf

Project Type: Single Family Home

This project was part of the Cradle-to-Cradle challenge to come up with innovative home design for a low to middle-class neighborhood in Roanoke, VA.  The design was to keep in the vernacular of the neighborhood and use simple house forms.  The main aesthetic of the house was the radiator fin-like siding.  The fin length was studied and varied by orientation to provide shading to the wall proper during the summer and allow the sunlight rays to reach the wall and heat the house during the winter.  A central atrium was also created in the house.  With solar-powered fans installed at the top of the atrium,  a flow of air, cooled by the basement level, is brought up and through the house to provide passive cooling.  To support the culture of the “front porch as a living room” the front of the house was made to be as openable as possible to use the street as a secondary living space.  Rainwater was filtered and stored through a vertical drip garden at the stair tower.  Thought was also given as to how to use planning to promote “greener” habits.   The recycling and composting center was made more convenient from how one would dispose of goods to how they were stored and sorted for eventual pick-up.  The laundry room was also redesigned in an effort to reintroduce line-dried laundry that is accessible from the interior washing area –  so it could be taken advantage of and energy demand reduced.

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