Tile Close up October 09


Terracotta Tile Design

The design of this tile was inspired by musical instruments and the unique feel of the interaction of each instrument.  A clarinet, piano and guitar were chosen as the sources for the iconography of the tile.  The distinctiveness of piano keys juxtaposed with the frets of the guitar create the background of the tile.  Like a stalk of a budding plant, the keys and linear nature of the clarinet is overlayed on the background.  The tile was designed in a module to allow book matched 4-tile layouts, but also to allow the tile to be arranged in linear designs.

To take advantage of the tactile nature of the design, the tile was designed into a door to allow people to touch and interact with the tile.  A series of tiles were cast and mocked up to demonstrate the idea.  A simple building design was extended from the door and used the tile in decorative applications as wall as a louver design.

tile - page one - retouch Terracotta Tile Page 02 - retouch