Flight 93 Memorial – Architecture

In 2004 the Partners – the Families of Flight 93, the Flight 93 Memorial Task Force, the Flight 93 Advisory Commission, and the National Park Service – created an initial design competition for a memorial for the heroes of Flight 93.  The location was the crash site in Stoystown, PA.

The concept for the memorial was the average citizen elevating themselves above their everyday lives and responding heroically in a time of crisis, sacrificing themselves so that additional lives wouldn’t be lost.  The memorial encompasses this message as the crash and debris site are set above the common ground, distinguishing these areas as sacred and separate.  The impact site is ringed with a walkway flanked on either side with reflective walls, that bring the visitor into the skies where the passengers of Flight 93 acted that day.

The visitors center overlooks the crash site with an observation room that frames the crash site and the path the plane took in its final moments.  The visitor center also incorporates memorials to each of the passengers and displays messages and remembrances visitors have left.