October 08

Boise X-9 Paper Commercial – Video

Client:  Poptent / Boise X-9 Paper

This commercial was created for an ad campaign submitted to Poptent.com for Boise X-9 Paper campaign.  Video was selected for presentation for consideration to client.

Assignment Brief:

Boise® X-9® Paper means performance. Our tagline is: Many needs. One paper. Proven results.™ We engineer this product to perform day in and day out. It has a jam-free rate of 99.99%! This means you can depend on our product when it really counts at the office at home or at school.

Your task is to raise awareness of our brand in a way that authentically talks about Boise X-9 paper’s performance and what that means to paper users. Our hope is to capture a fresh outside perspective on paper that can resonate with users and raise Boise X-9 paper’s market profile. We trust that once people use Boise X-9 paper, they will really like the experience. We want business AND home users to become more aware of Boise X-9 paper and decide to try it.

Your videos should be approximately 30 seconds and should target working men and women from ages 18 – 55 (with a focus on women). Our target audience is tech-savvy and uses social networking tools frequently. They may or may not consider paper a necessary evil, but we want to leave them with an impression that paper can be a forgotten friend that can come through in the clutch for them.

Campaign Solution:

The video spot heightens and explores the level of a relationship you can have with paper and that Boise X-9 paper is a paper you can really love…at the office…and a paper you’d want to bring home.

Resources:  Digital camera, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere