January 01

Holstein the Cat


A famous philosopher…I have no idea who…but anyway…this dude (or gal – could be a lady) said:“Even if we could teach a lion to speak English, we still wouldn’t be able to communicate with it.”

Basically – we exist in such different realities that there is little common ground between us.

We personify a lot of the behavior of our pets to make it seem like there is more of a common ground. Why not? We wouldn’t want to share a home with an animal that just thought of us as food. And to some extent we adapt to their world too by being a “leader of the pack”…but I wonder sometimes how big the gap is.

Holstein the Cat is based on watching my friend and his cats…and trying to imagine the cat world and the human world co-existing…but not always on the same page…

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Some Excerpts from the Series:

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