I Prefer Chockie Milk by Steve Ohlhaber June 06

Chockie Milk

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Bath Beards May 26

Bath Time Beards

Pencil Sketch with Digital Paint Copyright Steve Ohlhaber 2016©

Three Wise Men of Gotham May 26

Three Wise Men of Gotham…

Three wise men of Gotham
Went to sea in a bowl
If the bowl had been stronger
My song would have been longer

May 25

Two Fishes…

Pencil Sketches with Digital Painting by Copyright Steve Ohlhaber 2016 © Here is some of the original sketches that became this painting…  

November 29

Little Red Riding Hood

pencil on newsprint with digital painting copyright steve ohlhaber © 2015

Meatballs by Steve Ohlhaber November 15


Pencil sketch with digital painting by Steve Ohlhaber copyright 2015 ©

October 13

Facebook Animation

Character design and animation for a Facebook Video Promotion.